Why A Will (Is Not Enough)

Welcome to Why A Will (Is Not Enough), an education initiative designed to encourage proper estate planning in our community. 

This platform serves to connect attorney volunteers with non-profits and other PGRT members to present facts about proper estate planning to donors, clients, and other members of the community - on each organization's desired timeframe.

PGRTSA provides the presenter and materials, which can be printed and distributed to attendees. (And It's Free!) PGRTSA and its partners do NOT solicit gifts for any particular organization but instead aim to deliver estate planning basics to dispel misinformation and counter common pitfalls of do-it-yourself documents so people's plans work as intended.

Click the link below to select a specific attorney or submit a day and time, and we'll make a connection.


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Melissa Ahlers

Newman & Ahlers, PLLC

Sarah Crotty

Law Office of Denice R. Shepherd

Shannon Derksen

Fletcher Struse Fickbohm & Wagner PLC

Elizabeth N.R. Friman

Fleming & Curti PLC


Daren Layton

Waterfall Attorneys

Matthew Mansour

 Fleming & Curti PLC

Jacque J. Mingle

Moeller & Conway, PLLC

Russ Willis

Planned Gift Design

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